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Connectors are BNC Male, BNC Female, RCA Male, RCA Female,

F-Screw On, F-Push-On, or  F-Tamper Resistant.

The connector cannot be pulled off, but

It can be removed and reinstalled.

The 30 second connector from Italy saves

you time, money, and inventory.

If your distributor doesn’t stock them, ask them to do so.


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For a video demo of the CaP Connector, click here.

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The 30 second connector you can’t screw up.

One size connector fits all, from mini-coax through RG6 Quad, Analog, HDsdi, HDcvi, HDtvi, and AHD.

Special Offer - Limited Time


Purchase a kit (Pro or Budget Pro) from an authorized distributor. Email a copy of your receipt and your shipping address to We will send you a set of tools (CPT & Ptool). One free set per kit purchased. Limited time only.